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Culture and personality in a unique territory. In a binomial played between innovation and tradition is inserted the Azienda Agricola Galiardi. A farm, born with the precise intention to give life and preserve at its best, the typical products of a small but precious territory in the heart of the Montefeltro area.

Products Galiardi

GALIARDI – Azienda Agricola Cartoceto – Marche Bianco IGT

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Galiardi Olive Oil

GALIARDI – Azienda Agricola Cartoceto – Olive in Salamoia e Olive Marinate

Products Galiardi

Placed in an area, since centuries well known for the cultivation of olives, the Azienda Agricola Galiardi decided already from the beginning in 2000 to cultivate everything organically, in full respect of the surrounding nature and land. Through the rich reflection of its typical products, Galiardi expresses all the culture and personality of a territory one-of-a-kind. In the area of production, the estate has a rich and fecund ground of 13 hectares of vineyards, 30 hectares of olives, 2 hectares of walnut and 1 hectar of Angelica pears.
Production. Wines with character with the DCO and GIT label, organic extra virgin olive oil also as Cartoceto DOP of proven quality, but also many other specialties.

Vision. Because Azienda Agricola Galiardi wants to be synonym for quality, certitude and protection of the environment, but at the same time epitome of the territory of which the products have origin.

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